About us

About us

At ECOclean, we believe in a professional but personal approach to commercial cleaning. With many years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, we have a long track record of providing efficient services to a variety of clients.

Our success stems from our commitment to delivering customer satisfaction at an affordable price. We firmly believe in tailoring our services to the individual needs of the client and view ourselves as a partner - not simply another service provider. This allows us to create and maintain positive working relationships for years to come.

Part of our ethos is our commitment to maintaining sound environmental practices. As such, we only use environmentally-friendly cleaning products, sourced locally wherever possible.

We never use ozone-depleting formulas or harsh chemicals, preferring to select ecofriendly products that clean as well as their chemical counterparts. This practice ensures we continue to support the local economy while doing our bit to protect the environment.

Our dedicated, friendly team members are the backbone of our service. We fully employ, train and monitor all employees in-house. This ensures we can pinpoint exactly who is on a premises and when, ensuring maximum productivity and security.

As a true people business, we provide ongoing staff development programmes and ensure all team members are up-to-date with the latest cleaning methods and technology.

It is our aim to always ‘go the extra mile’ for our customers and employees. We believe in a flexible but professional approach to commercial cleaning, and maintain a personal touch throughout. This friendly, bespoke service is why many firms in the South East select ECOclean as their regular cleaning supplier.

Existing and new clients can always expect affordable prices, a flexible and reliable service, attention to detail, and regular, prompt site visits. We endeavour to respond to customer queries quickly and offer a range of flexible short term contracts and one-off cleaning services.

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