Commercial Cleaning Basingstoke Professional Cleaners

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February 15, 2019
Professional Cleaning Basingstoke
December 10, 2019
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Commercial Cleaning Basingstoke Professional Cleaners

Commercial Cleaning Basingstock Aldershot Office Cleaners Professional

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Commercial Cleaning Basingstoke and Aldershot

ECOclean delivers exceptional customer service at an affordable price. We believe that we need to find a solution to fix our clients issues, in this way we are problem solvers! Call us today on 01252 416416 or send a message via the Contact Form.

Making a positive impression with clients, employees and other visitors is important, we aim to provide innovative solutions to our service delivery, based on our experience and knowledge of the industry of which are continually adapting to meet each client’s changing needs.

Affordable Commercial Cleaning Services from ECOclean.

Our services are cost effective and we review costs on a regular basis to ensure value for money.

Our dedicated team understands the nuances which come with various types of cleaning. We work with companies of all sizes across a range of industries from sole traders to big corporations

Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Office Cleaning
  • Restaurant Cleaning
  • Educational Establishments
  • Retail Cleaning

Working closely with our customers we are committed to 100% satisfaction by continually listening to their requirements and aligning our services to meet their needs.

Commercial Cleaning Clients Include

  • Burger King
  • Laura Ashley
  • Highfield and Brookham School
  • Raqueem Press Printing

Commerical Office Cleaning Staff and Communication

Cleaning staff are the key component to the success of your cleaning business, who provide cleaning services for your clients which in turn provides revenue for your business. Managing cleaning staff is one of the biggest challenges we have as cleaning business owners. If you have poor communication with your employees, it will cost you time, money and possibly your company reputation.

With ECOclean you will not be passed from pillar to post, raising the same issues each week, and despite promises of action and resolution your problems are never resolved. We strive to ensure we provide the best customer service by engaging with our clients and ensuring that any issues reported are resolved immediately.

We carry out regular meticulous cleaning inspections carried out by our managers to ensure that when problems arise, they are dealt with promptly and professionally.

We aim to provide a fast and reliable service every time and know that with our 24 hour reactive services our response times are of the utmost importance. Every call we receive, even out of hours, are answered by a trained member of our team who will gather the information needed to assess your requirements and get the right person to you within 24 hours.

Key Components we aim to achieve

  • Making ourselves Visible to our clients and employees
  • Communicate face to face when possible to clients and employees
  • Communicate clearly to give the person a precise understanding
  • Communication is a two- way street – allow time for feedback.

Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning

Choosing an eco-friendly cleaning service, provides a clean, healthy and enjoyable workplace for customers and employees and by using eco-friendly cleaning, you are minimising some of the harm caused to the environment by the use of toxic cleaning products.

We offer environmentally friendly cleaning which is done with green cleaning solutions and leads to the same impressive results but without all the harmful fumes and chemicals. This way, the workplace, office space, school or restaurant can become shiny and clean but without the need for use of aggressive chemicals.

Our customers prefer these technologies because they help them to understand the benefits of living in an eco-friendly environment, meaning more health for them, their families and colleagues.

Our Chosen Cleaning Chemicals/Supplier

At ECOclean we are an eco conscious company and through trial and error we know that the eco-friendly cleaning products that we use, are not only good for the environment but are very effective and also leave a refreshing fragrance.

We have many years of experience in the cleaning industry, we understand that some jobs need powerful chemicals to get to the desired results.

All of our staff are COSHH trained for the best practice to get the best results.

We have chosen Clover and Method as our cleaning supplier as they are 2 of the leading brands with proven excellent results.

Aldershot, Basingstoke and Guilford areas

Guildford, Aldershot, Farnham, Reading, Basingstoke, Slough, Hounslow, Woking, Bracknell, Staines, Croydon, Chertsey, Maidenhead, Dorking, Ascot and



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