Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

Often consumers think of Green Cleaning in the home, but this is just as important in office buildings, corporate complexes and any other work space.

People live and breathe in their office, just like in their home, so itʼs important to consider how these spaces are being cleaned and cared for.

ECOclean offer a green clean package where we supply all of the environmentally friendly chemicals, and all our equipment is regularly checked and signed off for health and safety, providing you with extra piece of mind whilst our team members are on your premises.

This means that they are toxin free and donʼt contain potentially harmful and harsh chemicals. Our staff wonʼt be exposed to potentially hazardous materials that will damage their health, and nor will your staff when they come back to the work environment.

The Benefits of Green Cleaning

Improve Indoor Air Quality
Reduced Carbon Footprint
Healthier Facilities Tenants, Workers, and Custodians
Increase Worker Productivity
Improve Morale
Reduce Sick Days and Associated Health Care Costs
Minimize Exposure to Aggressive Chemicals
Reduce Water and Air Pollution
Reduce Package Waste with Recyclable Packaging
Peace Of Mind