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Professional Cleaning Basingstoke

Professional Cleaning Basingstoke – Clover ECO

Clover Eco: Our Cleaning Range Of Choice

At ECOClean, we use an environmentally-friendly brand of cleaning products called Clover ECO. The company is a well-established manufacturer of cleaning solutions and boasts over 150 different products in its portfolio. Clover also is a member of Valpack and Repak. This means it contributes to reducing the amount of packaging waste in landfill.

The ECO range from Clover includes products for a variety of purposes. We use All Purpose Cleaner, Degreaser, Toilet Cleaner, and many others. This “green cleaning” range has received the EU Ecolabel, which certifies that the products have a low environmental impact throughout their life cycle, from manufacture to disposal.

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Basingstoke Environmentally Friendly Green Eco Cleaning Services

Companies that use traditional cleaning solutions inevitably contribute to environmental damage. Many cleaning brands have excessive packaging or contain ozone-depleters. Some products are made from harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritations or allergic reactions in some people. In workplace settings, this can affect both the cleaners and employees within that space.

Clover ECO has a lower impact on the environment than most cleaning brands. It is also much better for human health. Here are some reasons why Clover ECO is the green cleaning range of choice:

  • Concentrated form – The solutions come in a concentrated form, giving them a longer lifespan and making them more economical for use. This enables us to pass on significant savings to customers.
  • Mild chemicals – The range uses mild chemicals that are less harmful to human health. Clover has strict guidelines and limits the amount of hazardous substances in all its ECO range of products.
  • Minimal packaging – Clover ECO uses the most minimal amount of packaging possible. This makes it kinder to the environment because it takes less space in landfill, promoting less pollution. It is a great, eco-friendly choice.
  • Almost fragrance free – The range has an odor that is hardly noticeable. This benefits people with allergies or who get headaches from strong, harsh chemicals. When cleaning in workplaces, cleaners and employees do not notice any strong odors.

Professional Cleaning Basingstoke ECOClean Cleaning Services

Eco Cleaning Performance – High Quality Results

Despite being environmentally-friendly, Clover ECO has excellent cleaning performance. The company performs extensive tests prior to releasing its products. This ensures effective cleaning in all environments: on work surfaces, flooring, windows, in the kitchen, and more.

The products clean just as good as cleaners containing harsh chemicals. And they are designed to be used in a variety of settings, from commercial offices and retail to medical centres and even hospitals.

COSHH sheets and method statements are needed for the Clover ECO range. This is to comply with regulations due to the limited amount of chemicals in the solutions. But the range has far fewer chemicals than most competing brands, making Clover ECO a great value, good quality eco-friendly choice.

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Many businesses select ECOClean Commercial because of our proven track record and green credentials. Companies that are serious about protecting the environment can rely on us to provide a friendly, efficient, and flexible service. Send us your cleaning requirements online via the Contact Form.

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