Office Cleaning

At ECOclean, we understand that the cleanliness of office environments can have a huge impact on working life. Dusty desks, dirty carpets, unemptied bins and murky windows can all contribute to bad first impressions for clients. Equally, poor office cleanliness can also lead to potential health risks for staff. Therefore, we strive to take care of every aspect of office cleaning, from windows, floors and washrooms, to desks, meeting rooms, and computers.

Our experienced cleaners have a solid track record of keeping offices in excellent condition and can maintain buildings on a regular, semi-regular, or one-off basis. Our staff are easily identifiable with uniforms and are committed to delivering first-class cleaning in a friendly, dedicated manner.

Retail and Leisure

As two of the UK’s most competitive sectors, retail and leisure demand clean and respectable premises. Being an experienced commercial cleaning provider, ECOclean can deliver high-quality, regular and reliable cleaning services for all types of business. This includes hotels and restaurants, fitness clubs, high-street stores, golf clubs, and similar.

Our well-trained staff ensure buildings and furnishings are cleaned to the high standards that customers expect. In all cases, we ensure the very highest level of cleanliness and hygiene, creating attractive, immaculate environments for customers and employees.

Medical Healthcare Centres

Due to their very nature, all healthcare settings demand maximum cleanliness and hygiene. Not only is specialist cleaning knowledge crucial for the safety of patients, healthcare providers need a cleaning company they can rely on, day in, day out.

In environments such as medical centres, hospitals, GP surgeries, dentists and retirement homes, customer confidence needs to be maintained at all times. Equally, correct cleaning practices are required to ensure effective infection control and safety. As a commercial cleaning company with great experience of healthcare settings, we appreciate the importance of creating fresh, appealing environments with effective infection control and safety measures in place.

To do this, all our processes, equipment, cleaning and disinfectant are carefully selected and maintained to ensure clean, safe environments for patients, medical staff, and visitors. This is especially crucial for the clinical cleaning of surgical rooms, consultation facilities, public waiting rooms, washrooms, and other office and administrative accommodation.

We use environmentally-friendly cleaning materials and support recycling wherever possible for maximum sustainability.

Car Dealerships

For business premises to look their best, professional cleaning needs to be conducted on a regular basis. A clean working environment is crucial to securing a sale, especially in car dealerships where the price tag of products is high. Customers will naturally head elsewhere if they feel cleanliness and hygiene are lacking.

At ECOclean, we are well aware of this fact and offer professional cleaning services for car showrooms. Our friendly, experienced staff will use the latest eco-friendly cleaning products to achieve the necessary ‘gleam’, resulting in a pristine car showroom that customers will appreciate.

We strive to exceed the service of other commercial cleaning companies by employing and continually training our staff in-house. We also source high-quality cleaning products from the local area. Our experienced cleaning team use the latest equipment and eco-friendly products to ensure all areas are thoroughly wiped down and free from dust.

We ensure floors are buffed and glass is gleaming, from the sales floor of the showroom to the staff areas and washroom facilities. We offer a flexible and reliable service to meet - and exceed - the needs of companies and staff.

Schools and Education

At ECOclean, we believe that a consistently clean nursery, school, college or university is a fundamental requirement towards a successful learning environment. Ensuring staff can focus on teaching and students can concentrate on learning is crucial to the long-term sustainability of any educational establishment. As such, we provide efficient, reliable and affordable cleaning services on a regular, semi-regular, or one-off basis.

We understand that cleaning needs to be carried out at a time that offers the least disruption to timetables, whether that is before, after, or during school hours. As a highly flexible commercial cleaning provider, we aim to provide a tailored service that is cost-effective and bespoke to each client.

All our cleaners are fully trained and DBS checked to ensure maximum security. We also undertake fortnightly management site visits and auditing. This enables us to gather feedback on the quality of our cleaning and also provides an opportunity to deal with any queries. This is just one way we aim to build a lasting partnership with our valued educational clients.

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